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Daily activities to enjoy with your dog

In addition to play time and cuddling, you might want to share a little more of your life with your dog. Here are some ideas for a...

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How to clip your cat’s claws

If your cat leads a sedentary life, you’ll need to trim her claws so they won’t crack or break and hurt her. To clip her claws...

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How to make your puppy welcome in his new home

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a big step. Fortunately a little preparation will help smooth the way and prevent any harm to ...

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How to wash your dog

A dog should be bathed two to three times a year to remove all the dirt and nasty odours and to allow its skin to breathe. But wha...

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How to welcome your cat to his new home

To prepare for the arrival of your kitten, be sure to have the essential supplies already on hand. Then you can make the most of t...

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Spend quality time with your cat during the holidays

During the holidays, you have plenty of time to take care of your cat, right? But what should you do with her? Contrary to popular...

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The basic skills to teach your puppy

Teaching your puppy the basic skills is essential – and the younger, the better. The earlier he learns, the better able you’ll...

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The major diseases affecting dogs

How do you recognize the early symptoms of a disease and know when to take your dog to the vet? Below is a list of the common dise...

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The most commom cat diseases

Cats may be exposed to specific feline diseases throughout their lives. Learn about them to better protect your kitty. Frequently...

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You can help your cat live a long life

What cat owner hasn’t secretly dreamed of her cat living to the ripe old age of 20? Your cat’s genes play a part in how long h...

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Why is grooming important for my pet?

You might think grooming your pets is just to keep them looking good. But it's also about maintaining your pet's physical health.

Grooming helps to remove dead hair, dirt, tangles and dandruff. While you brush, the natural oils spread through your pet's fur, leaving the coat with a healthy sheen.

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