The basic skills to teach your puppy

Teaching your puppy the basic skills is essential – and the younger, the better. The earlier he learns, the better able you’ll be to control his behaviour in any situation.  Here are some techniques to help you teach your puppy the basic skills.

  1. “Sit!”

    With a treat in your hand, stand in front of your dog, who should also be standing. Hold the treat above his head with one hand and place the other hand on his haunches. Instinctively, your puppy is going to sit to get the treat. The moment he sits, say “sit!”, praise him and give him the treat so he connects his actions to the reward.

    Don’t expect your puppy to learn with his very first lesson. Repetition and reinforcement, not to mention patience and empathy, all play major roles in the process of learning.

  2. “Down!”

    Hold a treat in your hand and make your puppy sit. Place your closed hand in front of your puppy’s nose, then slowly move your hand toward the floor so he has to follow your movement. In this way, he’ll understand that he only gets the treat when he is down on the floor or the ground. The minute he succeeds, praise him and give him the treat!

  3. “Stay!”

    Give your puppy the “Down” command and stand close beside him. (Don’t kneel, as he’ll see this as an invitation to play). Tell him to “Stay!” by holding out one hand in front of him while you move two steps away. If he doesn’t move until you call him, praise him and repeat the exercise, taking one step further away each time. If your puppy moves, don’t punish him, instead, redo the lesson, starting a little bit closer, and taking it one step at a time.

Why is grooming important for my pet?

You might think grooming your pets is just to keep them looking good. But it's also about maintaining your pet's physical health.

Grooming helps to remove dead hair, dirt, tangles and dandruff. While you brush, the natural oils spread through your pet's fur, leaving the coat with a healthy sheen.

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