Daily activities to enjoy with your dog

In addition to play time and cuddling, you might want to share a little more of your life with your dog. Here are some ideas for activities to strengthen your bond with your dog and enjoy great times together!

  • Running with your dog

    If both of you are “sporty”, you might enjoy canicross. Canicross is simply cross-country running in which the dog wears a harness that’s attached to the runner with a bungee cord or elastic line. It has become a popular sport all over Europe!

  • Play ball!

    There are ways to play ball with your dog that are more advanced that simply playing fetch. Some of these be challenging for dogs, depending on the breed and degree of socialization, and can take a few hours to master.

    There are a number of officially recognized games such as “flyball” where dogs race against each other over a course of hurdles to a box that launches a tennis ball when the dog presses the spring-loaded pad. The dog must catch the ball and return over the hurdles to his handler. This sport stimulates speed, discipline and responding to commands and is well suited to retrievers like hunting and herding dogs.

    Another popular activity is dog agility in which the owner directs his dog through an obstacle course in a race that measures both time and accuracy. This sport is ideal for strengthening the bond between the dog and the owner.

  • Dance with your dog

    Musical canine freestyle is an official canine sport that’s gaining popularity. This discipline, which involves performing rhythmic moves to music with your dog can be practiced by anyone. Some choreography is complex and meticulous and can make for a very impressive show!

Why is grooming important for my pet?

You might think grooming your pets is just to keep them looking good. But it's also about maintaining your pet's physical health.

Grooming helps to remove dead hair, dirt, tangles and dandruff. While you brush, the natural oils spread through your pet's fur, leaving the coat with a healthy sheen.

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