How to make your puppy welcome in his new home

Welcoming a puppy into your home is a big step. Fortunately a little preparation will help smooth the way and prevent any harm to the newest member of your family.

To prepare for your little friend, it's a good idea to buy the necessary supplies before his arrival and avoid a last minute rush to the store. You should know ahead of time when you’ll be bringing him home – unless you acquired your puppy on a whim. And keep in mind, adopting a pet is not a decision to take lightly.

Here’s a list of basic supplies you will need:

  • A bowl for water and one for food;
  • Dry or wet dog food as advised by the breeder or your vet;
  • A pet bed insulated from cold and draughts and positioned out of the way of busy traffic areas;
  • A dog lead or harness. (There’s such a wide range of designs, consider doing a little research beforehand to find the right one for your pup.)
  • Dog toys and treats to make him feel comfortable and confident.

Once home, as your puppy begins to get used to his new surroundings, you’ll want to follow him closely to reassure him and prevent him from hurting himself. Puppies love to play and explore – and have no awareness of danger. To avoid accidents, take a few necessary precautions: place toxic products and plants out of reach, install covers over electrical sockets, keep doors closed and don’t leave out any dangerous food, such as chocolate, that your puppy might find.

Ideally, take some time off work to spend with your puppy, to ensure that he becomes familiarized and happy with his new home and family.

Don’t forget to take your puppy to the vet to get vaccines. The first shot should be given around 6 weeks, followed by a second shot 2 to 4 weeks later for a fully completely protected puppy. After the first year, don’t forget the annual injection for your puppy !

Why is grooming important for my pet?

You might think grooming your pets is just to keep them looking good. But it's also about maintaining your pet's physical health.

Grooming helps to remove dead hair, dirt, tangles and dandruff. While you brush, the natural oils spread through your pet's fur, leaving the coat with a healthy sheen.

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